Bar Citizen for children who can't afford a computer
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We are a group of friends with a shared interest: gaming. On august 4 this year we will host an event called Bar Citizen Netherlands & Belgium 2018 in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. During this event it will be possible for everybody to meet new people and have a drink or two.

We, and also all the people during this event, know how important computers can be for children.

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29-07-2018 | 12:44
17-07-2018 | 18:21 Prezier voor iedereen, niemand uitgezonderd :-)
15-05-2018 | 20:49
13-05-2018 | 21:15 i didn't had the chance to play when i was young. so now whit a Koppel cents this kids have more fun.
13-05-2018 | 20:18